A container ship sailing out to sea under the Golden Gate Bridge.
Image by David Mark from Pixabay

Are you looking to learn about Docker? Do you want to learn about containers in preparation to learn Kubernetes? But are you having a hard time finding a good quality video course that is clear, in depth, and free? Having gone down that road myself, I empathize.

And so, I've created this Docker course to help make the journey easier for you. I hope it helps.

~Nick True

Chapter 1: Why Learn Docker?

  1. Course Intro
  2. Why Learn Docker?
  3. A Roadmap to Learn Docker

Chapter 2: How Docker Containers Work

  1. What Is a Container?
  2. What Is Docker?
  3. The Docker Architecture
  4. Under the Hood: Containers and Images
  5. How Containers Work
  6. How Images Are Structured
  7. How Containers Are Structured
  8. Containers vs Virtual Machines
  9. Docker Pros and Cons
  10. What Comes Next

Chapter 3: Important Docker Commands

  1. Intro to Docker Commands
  2. Hello World!
  3. The create Command
  4. The start Command
  5. The run Command
  6. The stop Command
  7. The kill Command
  8. The ps Command
  9. The images Command
  10. The rm and prune Commands
  11. The rmi Command
  12. The attach Command
  13. The exec Command
  14. The cp Command
  15. The logs Command
  16. The commit Command
  17. Registries vs Repositories

Chapter 4: Creating Docker Images Using Dockerfiles

  1. Intro to Dockerfiles
  2. Dockerfile Structure
  3. The build Command
  4. The Build Process
  5. .dockerignore Files
  6. The FROM Dockerfile Instruction
  7. The RUN Dockerfile Instruction
  8. The COPY Dockerfile Instruction
  9. The ADD Dockerfile Instruction
  10. The WORKDIR Dockerfile Instruction
  11. The ENTRYPOINT Dockerfile Instruction
  12. The CMD Dockerfile Instruction
  13. The ENV Dockerfile Instruction
  14. The USER Dockerfile Instruction
  15. The ARG Dockerfile Instruction
  16. The LABEL and EXPOSE Dockerfile Instructions
  17. The Escape Character
  18. Parser Directives
  19. Multi-Stage Dockerfiles
  20. Working with Docker Hub
  21. The push Command
  22. Chapter Summary

Chapter 5: Intro to Container Orchestration

  1. Intro to Container Management
  2. Volumes
  3. Container Networking
  4. Container Orchestration
  5. Best Practices
  6. Conclusion